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The Real Winner of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ is Ryan Gosling’s Jacket

Ryan Gosling is destined to model jackets.

Movie star and all-around heart-throb Ryan Gosling is making the rounds with press to promote the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049. Although the comic book turned film is returning to our movie screens this year, it seems that it’s Gosling’s body that is getting all of the attention. But what else is new?

Gosling is definitely a stylish man and his collection of jackets has been on full display. Bomber jackets, puffy jackets, suit jackets, jean jackets, ANY JACKET you could ever dream of, Gosling has modeled and he looks damn good. Hopefully, this will push the male species to invest in some classic pieces of apparel which should always include a signature jacket. Luckily for Gosling, every jacket is his signature jacket. Must be nice to be that gorgeous looking.

Check out some of Gosling’s best jacket moments below:


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