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Who Really Stole Tom Brady’s SB51 Jersey? Now we Know!

Source: Scott Eisen/Getty Images North America

Imagine you worked your whole life for a dream, only to make one of the most royal fuckups in the history of mass media. Well, that actually happened. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s Super Bowl 51 jersey went missing directly after the future Hall of Famer brought his team back from a 25-point deficit. Now, almost two months after the game, reports indicate the jersey has been found in Mexico. A journalist who had a press pass into the Super Bowl is the presumed culprit.

The Houston police classified the alleged theft of Brady’s jersey as a first-degree felony. Currently, the jersey is going through the proper authentication process to make sure it is the real thing.

Throughout the entire process, Brady has remained incredibly calm and witty. He even posted on social media jokingly calling out several of his teammates in the case. That said, the FBI has been involved and are not taking this case lightly.

Because the FBI is involved, we could see some sort of serious prosecution happening here. Strange laws about taking stolen goods out of the country could lead to possible jail time for our journalist friend.

[via CBS Sports]

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