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Do you Really Have to Turn your Phone off on a Plane?


When you get on a plane, the flight attendants always give you the same lecture over and over again. They tell you to turn your phone off, put your seat up and try with all your heart to get comfortable.

Some people get on a plane and have no intentions of turning their phone off. Others get on and immediately shut their phones off because they are scared of possible issues with Air Traffic Control.

Recently, information has come out that turning your phone off has no way of interfering with Air Traffic Control. Chris Foster, a pilot for EasyJet, shed some light about what would actually happen if large groups of people left their phones on.

“In reality, nothing to be concerned about. Aircraft control systems are so sophisticated now, that they wouldn’t cause any interference.

The regulations date back many years to when we didn’t even have things like iPads. The laws are starting to be relaxed – you can now use your devices in flight safety mode – and I think we’ll see more changes over the next few years.”


So, there you have it.

You and all your friends have absolutely no reason to turn your phone off on a plane.


[via BroBible]

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