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Reasons to Date (Or Be Friends With!) A Restaurant Worker


The service industry is vast and filled with all sorts of employees–there are servers, bartenders, bussers, food runners, chefs, hosts, and managers galore. It’s not easy working in a restaurant or a bar, so it sure does take a special kind of person to do it. We are definitely our own breed of human, and some (I) may argue that we are the best breed of people. Here are some reasons why it’s just an amazing idea to date, or even be friends with, someone who works in the service industry.

  1. We are flexible as hell. We know the struggle of getting out one night at 6 pm, and then the next night at 2 am. It doesn’t phase us when we have to switch around our plans or play things by ear. We are used to this.
  2. We can hold our liquor. We are also used to this.
  3. We are good at taking care of you when you’re drunk. We deal with this on a daily basis, so we know how to handle a drunk person better than anyone else. We will get you water, some food, and make sure you get home safely.
  4. We have patience, or at least know how to act patient. Sometimes, we are faced with the most difficult people to have been brought into this world, and we always have to serve them with a smile. We know how to swallow our words, suck it up, and be nice. This is a dying trait. Hold on to us.
  5. We are good under pressure. Five tables of five just sat at one time? No problem. Stress and being overwhelmed is almost second nature to us, so it’s never a big deal anymore. Not saying we don’t freak out occasionally, but we are more accustomed to dealing with those crazy situations.
  6. We are good with people. It’s near impossible to make it as a server, bartender, host, or restaurant manager if you don’t know how to talk to people. We know how to read someone’s personality, and cater to it accordingly. We also know how to be extroverted and outgoing, whether we actually are or not. Basically, we are just a blast and the life of the party.
  7. We are nice to the wait staff and the workers at other places when we go out. You do not want to associate with someone who is rude or mean to a server or bartender. That is just not a good person.
  8. We know a whole lot about food and alcohol. Ever need a recommendation for a restaurant, we will be there. Ever wondering about the alcohol content of something, we will be there. Ever curious about what food/liquor/beer has the most and least calories, we will also be there.
  9. We appreciate days off and relaxing more than a lot of people. A lot of times we work 12-hour shifts, sometimes six days a week. When we get a day to ourselves, we enjoy it like nobody’s business.
  10. We are open-minded and judgment-free. Yes it’s true, we usually feel like we hate people, but this is people across the board, we never discriminate. In all seriousness, though, working in a bar or restaurant exposes you to all kinds of people from all sorts of places. We start to see how different everyone is, and appreciate that. Our concept of humanity changes and expands as a result of serving hundreds and hundreds of people every single week. It’s a blessing, sometimes, to be able to meet so many different people every day.
  11. We will never run out of entertaining stories. Ever.
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