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Rebel Wilson Appears in Melbourne Ahead of Defamation Trial

Rebel Wilson

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson appeared at the Supreme Court in preparation for her lawsuit against Bauer Media The Australian actress is suing the company for defamation.

Wilson is suing Bauer Media, arguing that her career has been damaged because of untruthful articles about her published in the company’s magazines. The company publishes the magazines Australian Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day and OK! Wilson alleges that articles published in those magazines have brandished her as a liar, claiming that she has lied about her age, her name and her background to make it in Hollywood. She claims these articles have tarnished her reputation among producers, costing her roles and damaging her livelihood.

Outside of the Supreme Court, Rebel Wilson told reporters that she’s excited to get the trial started, and that she’s confident that the truth will come out. She added, “I would love to sit here and spend like three hours telling my side of the story,” but is unable to do so until she begins the trial on Monday.

Wilson’s trial is expected to last approximately three weeks, and the verdict will be determined by a jury. Because of the attention surrounding the trial, justice John Dixon said he will reserve seats in the court for the press, as well as Rebel Wilson’s supporters.

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