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Red Lobster Debuts Lobster N’ Waffles

Chicken and waffles has been a longtime southern favorite, and even earned itself a Lays’ chip flavor. In a bid to compete with an ever-growing market of tastes, Red Lobster just upped the ante by trying a new concoction: Lobster and waffles.

Before you make a weird face, listen to exactly how they arranged this jaw-dropping beauty. They took their already food porn-worthy cheddar biscuits and turned them into waffles. Then they buttermilk batter and fry the Maine lobster tails and top them with a drizzle of butter. Throw some maple syrup on that puppy and call it a DAY.

The internet is back and forth about the new venture. Some say chicken and waffles was going too far, and this adds insult to injury. but others can’t wait to get their hands on the new dish.

[via Cosmo]


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