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Reebok Schools Donald Trump On His ‘Creepy’ Brigitte Macron Comments

Last week, Lil’ Donny Trump took a two-day trip to Paris, probably in order to take his mind off of that dumbass son of his. He was so close to making it through the entire trip without being creepy or embarrassing our country, you guys, he REALLY REALLY was, until he was caught on camera telling Brigitte Macron, the wife of French president Emmanuel Macron, that she was “in such good shape,” before turning to President Macron, gesturing to her, and telling him, “She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful.” If you watch the video closely, you can pinpoint the exact moment when another small part of Melania Trump‘s soul withers away, like the embers of a dying bonfire.

Obviously these comments drew a lot of fire for being, you know, incredibly insulting and sexist. The best response, however, came from Reebok, the company who has been providing your mom with sensible athletic wear since the 80s. They tweeted out the following flow chart in order to put our perv in chief in his place:

Damn, that burn was so hot that Trump’s skin turned a deeper tint of orange, son!

Keep checking back here for our report on the next time our president’s rotting brain and lack of human empathy further weakens our standing as a world power. Probably in the next day or so.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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