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This Reflective Lip Look Has Turned Into a Trend and It’s Kinda Cool

Mirror, mirror, on my lips...

via Popsugar

They say history repeats itself, and therefore so does fashion. Reminiscent of the metallic, shiny, obsession of the 1970s, a new lipstick is super vintage.

Different trends emerge, and we don’t always have an answer for it. For instance, fashion houses go over the top in selling items that are sometimes confusing. Balenciaga released a line of old looking sneakers under the guise of “trendy.” They also released platform Crocs, as if now they’re acceptable to wear.

A new trend for lipstick was just started by Jazmina Daniel on Instagram, who showed off reflective lips. After receiving a package with silver reflective paper, Daniel was inspired to do something with it. She cut the paper in the shape of her lips and then used lash glue to keep it down.

Shouldn’t be long before we see an actual lipstick that does the trick.

[via Popsugar]

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