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Remy Ma on Nikki Minaj Diss Track: “I’m Not Proud”


Remy Ma, Goddess of the diss track and newly re-crowned Queen of rap, may be having second thoughts at the total obliteration of fellow “rapper” Nikki Minaj.

Remy, for those unfamiliar, is one of the stars behind the show Love and Hip Hop, a member of Fat Joe’s Rap squad “Terror Squad,” and is the voice behind the recently released diss track “Shether.” The remains of Nikki Minaj were found smoldering under the bars of “Shether,” in which Remy eviscerated every aspect of Nikki as a female, rapper, business woman, sister and all around human being.

When you completely destroy someone down to the core of their being, in the aftermath you might take a moment of pause and need to reflect on the damage you inflicted. Well, Remy did just that at the Q&A at the podcast  Another Round’s live event in the Bronx on Tuesday night. When asked about “Shether,” Remy had mixed feelings, saying “I don’t regret it, but I’m not particularly proud either.”

The seven minute track has been touted by fans as the best diss track since Nas’ “Ether,” but it’s twice as long as its predecessor. “I didn’t realize it was seven minutes until after it was done,” she joked. “Have you ever had an argument with your man where you go in and you realize after, like, I was cursing him out for the last three hours?”

While “Shether” has brought Remy back into the spotlight, the rapper concluded that the tracks success might mean bad things for women in the rap game.  “It just bothers me that, this record that I put out, where it’s literally picking apart a female, went so viral,” she said. “We could have done the same thing, working together. I would have liked that so much better that way.”

[Via Vulture]

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