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Requirements for the US-Mexico Border Wall are Out and They’re Hilarious


Build that wall nice and sexy, at least on the U.S. side, Trump says.

Twitter has exploded over a still shot of a Fox News segment describing the three major requirements of the infamous U.S.-Mexico border wall. True to the overall ridiculousness of this administration the requirements are being criticized as vague and childish. According to Fox News, the requirements are as follows:

    • 30-foot high wall
    • Look good from U.S. side

Difficult to climb or cut through

The list was announced as a part of a program seeking proposals by companies interested in building the wall. In a clip shown on Fox News, Donald Trump expanded, in similar vague fashion, on the requirements of the wall saying it needs to be an “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall.” Many people took to Twitter to lampoon these statements.

I guess it’s helpful to know the wall needs to be “physical” as opposed to “hypothetical” or “mental”, but there is so much emphasis on it being beautiful, I’m not sure.

[via Twitter Moments]


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