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Researchers Say Opening Ceremony Hack Was Executed for Pure Sport

After a failed attempted hack on the Winter Olympics, security researchers have found that there was no destructive intent behind the activity.

The malware was create with the sole intent of disrupting the opening ceremony and causing an embarrassment to the host country.

Though the attack ultimately failed, it did however force a temporary shutdown of the Pyeongchang 2018 website.

Currently, there are no leads on who orchestrated the attack. Though we’re not exactly the Scooby-Doo detective agency it may be notable to mention that Russia was indeed banned from competing this year by the International Olympic Committee, and the country has been known to use their hacking skills in quite a number of ways.

There has been no indication of such, but Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov did make a statement that showed a slight bit of agitation when mentioning the reason behind Russia being banned. Lavrov stated that the reason behind the ban was because the U.S. “can’t beat us fairly.”

[via Mashable]

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