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Richard Branson Goes All In on the Hyperloop

Another billionaire is on board the Hyperloop express. Choo choo! 

Or whatever sound the Hyperloop will make. Vroom vroom? Whoosh? Shhhhooom?

Only time will tell. For now, Virgin’s Richard Branson has invested in Elon Musk’s high-speed rail project, which is now being renamed the Virgin Hyperloop One.

The exact amount of Branson’s investment is unknown, but we do know it was part of an $85 million round of funding at a $700 million valuation of the project.

Branson, as always, is excited, writing,

Ever since our creation, Virgin has been known for disruption and investing in innovative companies. From our airlines to our trains to our spaceline, we have long been passionate about innovation in transport too, especially the development of technology that could transform people’s lives. This is just the latest example.

Recent tests of the technology behind the high-speed rail system have reached speeds of 200 miles per hour. When the project is finished, trains are expected to reach speeds exceeding 750 miles per hour and whisk passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in thirty minutes.

The Hyperloop allows for high-speed travel by removing air friction from a system of sealed tunnels. Passengers ride in pressurized cars borne along by a moving film of air.

Pretty cool.

[Via Mashable]

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