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This ‘Rick and Morty’ Fan Theory Is Just Insane Enough To Be True

Okay, bear with me. Casual viewers may want to take notes. Non-viewers should probably close this tab.

There is a new fan theory going around following the events of Season 3 Episode 7, “The Ricklantis Mixup.” if you watched it, you know that the lost city of Atlantis didn’t even feature in the episode. Instead, while our heroes went off on an unseen adventure, viewers were treated to a mosaic of stories from The Citadel, the interdimensional city where infinite multiverse versions of Rick and Morty coexist.

In the Citadel, Mortys are a depressed underclass, yet the only Morty running for Citadel President manages to win the election after a rousing speech calling for unity between Ricks and Mortys.

At the end of the episode, we learn that the new Citadel President is in fat Evil Morty, who we met back in Season 1 Episode 10m “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind.”

Now. The Rick and Morty we know (version C-137), the main characters of the series, have only known each other for a few years. After all, Rick had been missing for twenty years before the events of the series began. Morty is only fourteen years old.


The show makes a point to feature the photo, which is framed and hanging in Birdperson’s house. “Rick and Morty” is not known to play fast and loose with the show’s chronology; indeed, the timeline has to be meticulously plotted, what with all the time leaps and interdimensional switcheroos.

The fan theory postulates that the Rick we know originally had another Morty, perhaps one that he raised himself. Since this Morty was raised by Rick and not notorious dumbass Jerry, this Morty became as intelligent as his partner. He built his own portal gun, went rogue, hatched a plan for revenge.

This original Morty is now Evil Morty.

Rick would then have needed a new Morty, possibly swiping one from another dimension. This wouldn’t even be the first time such a swap has taken place on the show; the characters killed and replaced themselves in a parallel universe back in season one after fucking up their original universe.

It’s mind-bending, but that’s par for the course with this show.

We may never know the true origin of Evil Morty, but this fan theory seems as plausible as any other.

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