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Ricky Gervais Secures Second Comedy Special on Netflix

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Popular British comedian Ricky Gervais just finished filming and selling his first comedy special, Humanity, to Netflix, which will set sail in the first quarter of the year as Gervais prepares for his second. But he’s not satisfied yet, as he is set to start a second soon.

Gervais certainly has a lot on his plate, seeing as there is also an Office spinoff movie to hit Netflix soon entitled David Brent: A Life on The Road. To help make things a bit easier for him in this busy time, he’s opened up to Twitter to ask for suggestions for his second comedy special.

24 hours after being posted, he’d accumulated 3,149 tweets back with suggestions for themes and titles for his second special. The internet loves to take part in polls in which their voice can make an impact (just Google “Boaty McBoatface”), and we’ll have to wait and see if Gervais actually takes any of their bait.

Seeing as his first feature was filmed in London, it’s likely that his second one will as well. Catch his new feature on Netflix this month, and tweet him ideas @RickyGervais on great ideas for his upcoming stand-up.

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