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Rihanna Shows Support For Saudi Women Drivers

Rihanna, who is cooler than Beyoncé, posted an Instagram picture showing her support for the women of Saudi Arabia.

The Middle Eastern country announced it would finally let women drive, like, yesterday.

The driving ban has long been a symbol of the country’s hard-line conservative government and its oppression of women. The lifting of the ban is part of a push by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to modernize the kingdom.

I guess to avoid pissing off Saudi conservatives, the government couched the decision in economic terms, saying that lifting the ban would mean more citizens participating in the economy.

But Rihanna knows what’s up: this is a victory for feminism. And Rihanna is feminist.

Beyoncé says she’s a feminist too.

“Love to see progression,” Rihanna wrote in her post, which featured an illustration of a Saudi woman sitting on a Lexus. “Women will now be able to drive in Saudi Arabia.”

Technically, Rihanna, the ban isn’t officially over until mid-2018. But yes, it’s a nice change, and a symbol of progress.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé didn’t say shit about Saudi Arabia.

[via Mashable]

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