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Rimmel Mascara Ad Featuring Cara Delevingne Was Banned in the UK

Getty Images
Getty Images

The Advertising Standards Authority in the U.K. ruled on Wednesday that a new Rimmel mascara ad featuring Cara Delevingne is “misleading,” stating that “the ad must not appear again in its current form.” Here’s the commercial:

So what’s the problem? According to the ASA, the lashes shown aren’t her own natural lashes, but lash inserts. The ASA also says that the commercial has been airbrushed excessively, contributing to the misleading nature of the visual representation. According to The Guardian, Rimmel’s parent company, Coty U.K., defended the ad, saying that “while there had been post-production treatment, it still provided an accurate representation of the product and its characteristics.”

Still, the brand will comply with the ASA’s ruling, refraining from airing the commercial again on TV in its current form.

[via Fashionista]


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