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Rob Gronkowski Just Crashed the White House Press Briefing and it was the Best Thing to Happen to Sean Spicer Since January


Poor Sean Spicer. Every time big boy Spicey attempts to talk to the press, he completely embarrasses himself by either saying something completely incorrect, or just plain stupid. To be fair, I would get nervous and mess up from time to time if I realized Melissa Mccarthy can do my job better than I ever could, even in a bunny suit.

Today’s briefing was surprisingly mundane, as all eyes were on the Patriots finally making their way out to the White House to meet Trump after their Super Bowl win. But, the press were soon treated to a surprise appearance by New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who crashed the conference.

I would take Gronk up on his offer if I were you, Spicey.

[Via Twitter Moments]

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