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Rob Kardashian Admits How Badly He Wanted a Boy in New Instagram Post with Baby Dream


How fucked up do you think it’s going to be one day when baby Dream Kardashian grows up and starts reading articles on her parents? Articles about her mom straight up leaving her dad, about her dad going off the deep end, and about how he wanted a son instead of, you know, her.

Hmmm …

Anyway, Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to post a picture of him and his baby daughter, Dream. He captioned the photo:

I wanted a boy so bad and now that I got my girl I am so Thankful and Happy for her and wouldn’t want it any other way ! She is the best and I love her so much and I thank God every day for her cuz she is the best and she is my best friend 🙂 LOL I love her so much.

Good to know, Rob. Here’s the pic:

[via Elite Daily]

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