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Robert Mueller Puts Together a Grand Jury for Russia Investigation

Or in other words: everyone’s fucked.

According to The Wall Street Journalspecial counsel Robert Mueller convened a grand jury in the investigation of possible links between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.


The White House is now claimed they had no idea a grand jury was even in the picture.

John Dowd, one of the president’s private lawyers, told NBC News,

“We have been cooperating with Bob Mueller and his staff since the first of June because we’re trying to get this thing over and done with. With respect to news of a federal grand jury being impaneled, we have no reason to believe President Trump is under investigation.”

So whats the grand jury for?

First and foremost, they’re there to hear testimonies. Also, prosecutors can use the grand jury to seek indictments and subpoenas. Basically, getting a grand jury tells the world that the Russia probe is far from over.

Trump has denied that he or any members of his team colluding with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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