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Robert Rodriguez Launches ‘The People’s Network’ To Help Aspiring Directors

Robert Rodriguez

A year after launching the El Rey Network, Robert Rodriguez is taking the People’s Network a step further with the hopes of helping aspiring directors and writers bring their stuff to the public’s attention.

El Rey Network kicked off the “Epic Summer Movie Challenge” this week and put out a call for ultimate summer movie poster designs. The contest runs through August 9, and the winner will win a feature on the cable network as well as a trip to Cancun.

“When I started out, I didn’t have this kind of support. By mentoring artists through ‘The People’s Network,’ I have a chance to give back,” Rodriguez said.

Variety calls Rodriguez’s The People’s Network an “online initiative to solicit creative ideas from aspiring directors, writers and other talent with the ultimate aim of bringing unknown creators to TV.”

[Via A.V. Club]

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