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‘Robocop’ is Becoming a Reality, But Not in the Way You Expect


No ED-209 will not be roaming the streets menacingly taking out criminals with its massive arsenal and nor will it be an enhanced Office Murphy, but, we’re getting a much friendlier looking robot.

The Dubai Media Office showed off the new robot which is set to enter service in 2017, as the city will try to have a squad of robots on the streets of Dubai by 2020. Col. Khalid Razooqi, General Director of Smart Department Dubai Police told Emirates 24/7, “Robots could do the work of a police officer on ground at certain situations. The project we are working on will involve robots interacting with people and performing some responsibilities that of a police officer. We are in the final stages of identifying a company for the manufacturing of robots.”

The robot officers may even use facial recognition and record video, according to 7Days. Like ED-209 it looks like the new robot will have a natural enemy in stairs, since it uses what looks like wheels to get around.

At the least the robots seem friendlier and are not weaponized… yet. The Dallas Police Department already used a bomb defusing robot to kill a suspect.

Don’t let the friendly face fool you, it is still a machine. Or, you know, it could just help people that are lost find directions to where they need to be.

[Via Mashable]

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