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How Rom-Coms are Ruining my Perception of Love

Ugh. Rom-coms. They can really suck. They’re good for giving me hope, making me cry, and then taking back that hope they so briefly lent me. I’m tired of comparing the lives of Harry and Sally to my world of heartbreak and sorrow. It just makes me want to rip my hair out. It’s so confusing. It’s so conflicting. I want to watch them, I freaking do but I don’t understand why I do when I know that everything is bullshit. It’s all an illusion, something that plays n heart strings because it’s exactly what we want to see, exactly what we hope to happen to us.

True love is actually debatable

There’s no way of knowing if there’s one person out there that is specifically meant to be with you. It’s possible that you’ll find someone who you’ll feel is your soulmate. I’m not saying this is impossible but it is debatable. The fact that it is debatable isn’t addressed in rom-coms. Two people meet, they fall in love, some climactic situation unravels and then they end up together. If life worked like this for everyone, divorce rates wouldn’t be so high.

Not every ending is a happy one

Like I just said, not everything ends up perfect. Couples are forced to deal with shit, it’s inevitable. There will be arguments. There will be moments of doubt. There might be a break-up or divorce. Happy endings in rom-coms are so predictable. It really sucks. If they were made to reflect real life situations, things most of us have the misfortune of dealing with, then maybe my expectations when it comes to love wouldn’t be so unrealistic.

You don’t see what happens after the sunshine and rainbows

Ok. So every rom-com ends happily. Brace yourselves, the couple has made up and they will absolutely live happily ever after. No. They won’t. Shit happens. Why don’t we ever see that part? I would like for one film to just spew out the realist shit ever and make me really ponder over why life sucks so bad.

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