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Roy Moore Blames Allegations on Gays, Lesbians, and Socialists, Because of Course He Does

ABC News

Roy Moore, the gun-toting, twice-removed former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice and alleged child predator running for senate, is blaming the LGBT community and, uh, socialists for the spate of allegations against him.

Moore was speaking from the pulpit at Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Alabama when he again denied the allegations that he had routinely sought out young teenagers for sexual relationships and flirtation.

During his fiery speech, Moore called the multiple credible reports “false and malicious,” and blamed a “conspiracy” of “Democrats pushing a liberal agenda.”

Moore continued,

“When I say they, who are ‘they?’ They’re liberals. They don’t hold conservative values. They are the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender who want to change our culture. They are socialists who want to change our way of life and put man above God and the government is our God. They’re the Washington establishment…who don’t want to lose their power.”

Despite the damning allegations, the multiple contemporary reports, and the testimony of locals who recall his behavior and police officers tasked with keeping him away from underage girls, Moore has recently pulled back ahead in public polling. He leads Democratic challenger Doug Jones by anywhere from two to six points in the most recent polls.

[Via Buzzfeed News]

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