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Russia Played an Important Role in the California and Texas Secession Movements

via Mashable

Well it looks like the Russian government might have had something to do with Texans and Californians wanting a state secession after the 2016 presidential election.

The internet Research Agency linked the secession efforts in both states. Following the United Kingdom’s style of removing itself from the European Union, #Calexit gained traction when California wanted secession from the US, apparently with the aid of Twitter bots.

Secessionists argued that California views differed from that of the Trump administration, their liberal views and economic standing was enough to have a separate union.

The ties between Russia and #Calexit was looked into deeper  when last Wednesday the U.S. House Intelligence Committee released 2,752 Twitter handles that had ties to the Internet Research Agency, which is a Russian government propaganda shop. It was learned that the account @CalifroniaRep was known for hyping up #Calexit has ties to Russia.

The Internet Research Agency also played a major role in Texas. They operated “Heart of Texas” which had 250,000 followers at one point.

[via Mashable]

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