Ryan Gosling Is Your New Morning Wake Me Up At This LA Cafe


In recent years, Ryan Gosling has become the poster boy for romance films, especially after his iconic role in The Notebook. In that film, he was every girl’s dream guy: loyal, loving, and dependable. And now he’s here to support you throughout your day, with a bit of a caffeine fix.

You can now have a your morning latte with The Notebook star’s face right on the foam.  Carrera Cafe in Los Angeles, is now serving up fans of Crazy, Stupid, Love. stud Ryan Gosling lattes.

Come and get your Ripple on! Try our newest ripple with Ryan Gosling 💋

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So how does this cafe make such realistic looking images of the actor? According to Los Angeles Magazine, they use a machine called a Ripple Maker, which can take any image and print it onto the foam of your latte or cappuccino.

Ryan Gosling on your latte and our goat cheese salad for lunch? What else do you need?

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Customers aren’t just limited to the Gosling portrait saying “Hey girl.” They can also get other inspirational and motivational quotes written on their morning pick me ups. You can even bring in your own images to get printed onto your foamy drink.

Feelin' like a boss this Friday at @carreracafe 👌🏻✨☕️ @elainedumonde #bosslady

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This is one is for you, dog lovers! Print your dog onto your latte and share it with the world! 🐶

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This Thursday it's all #goodvibes with @pacsun ! 🌞⚡️☕️

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And maybe every once in a while show some love to your boyfriend and use his image, so he doesn’t get jealous of your foamy new beau.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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