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Sad, But Necessary: Scaramucci Says Farewell to the ‘President Show’

While every new hire in the Trump administration is another opportunity to lament the further erosion of decorum, it is also a chance to get excited about new guests on Comedy Central’s The President Show. Thus, there was a huge silver lining with Anthony Scaramucci: the perfect casting of Mario Cantone.

I mainly know Cantone from his game show appearances, but that is enough to know that his stereotypically fast-talking Italian-American style (not to mention the eerie physical resemblance) made him a dead ringer for the Mooch. So I was all set to strap in for weeks (maybe even months!) of Cantone-Scaramucci.

Alas, what we have instead is this goodbye segment from last night’s episode in which the Mooch is dragged offstage by a cartoonishly large hand. But now is as good as any to remind everyone that The President Show is quality television and will probably remain so even without Cantone.

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