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Sailor Proposes to Girlfriend After Six Months at Sea, Because Life isn’t Always a Clogged Toilet

Look, it’s nice to sometimes get a reminder that life isn’t always a clogged toilet, especially these days, when it seems like whenever you turn on the news there’s a fresh new turd blocking the pipes.

But, there is some good in this world, and good things sometimes happen to those who deserve it.

Consider the story of Tristan Lapointe, a Sub-Lt. in the Canadian navy. Lapointe just spent six months at sea on board the HMCS St. John’s, and was the first sailor to exit the ship when it docked this morning in Halifax.

There to greet him was his girlfriend, Gabrielle Lambert. Little did she know, Lapointe had a plan for when he got off the ship. He…well, just watch it below. Hopefully you remember some of that French you learned in high school…

True love wins, for a change! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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