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Samsung Finally Reveals Why the Galaxy Note 7 Kept Exploding


Following several months of in-depth investigations, Samsung just announced the cause of the Note7 incidents (by “incidents” they mean creating miniature bombs) and measures to prevent a recurrence during a press conference held in Seoul, Korea.

Turns out it was the battery’s fault and the phone itself was just a vessel for which the bomb would be held! And not even one battery, but two! The Galaxy Note 7 used two different battery manufacturers that Samsung refers to as “battery A” (the first group of phones that were recalled) and “battery B” (the phones that were giving to customers after the first recall).

Here’s a nice little infographic explaining what the hell happened that even the most simple minded people can follow:

At least we know that Samsung is still capable of making a decent phone. A functional battery? not so much…

[Via Gizmodo]

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