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Samsung Officially Announces That the Galaxy S9 is Coming Soon

Samsung enthusiasts, rejoice! The gods have announced their newest creation: the S9 (Wow, didn’t see that name coming!).  Although not much has been verified yet, we know for sure that Bixby 2.0 is to launch at some point in 2018. As a S8 user, I’m excited for that alone, seeing as the Siri-knockoff doesn’t feel very intuitive yet.

CES 2018 has had some sad news so far, such as the rumors of the world’s first smart flip phone being indeed just a rumor. But after the announcement of the S9, fans got cheered up pretty quick.

So, don’t worry my Galaxy loving brothers and sisters: the new phone will come out just in time for us to realize we hate our current one and strive for change! See you all at its predicted pushed-back unveiling!

[via Android Authority]

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