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Samsung Releases New Smart Fridge, Complete With Touchscreen and Voice Control

The next breakthrough in refrigeration.

Advancements in refrigeration get less media attention than SpaceX rocket ships and breakthroughs in machine learning, but they are no less shocking. Samsung, South Korea’s largest business conglomerate, found a way to make refrigerators exciting. Consumers fascinated by the proliferation of ice machines and water dispensers will be dazzled by the company’s new smart refrigerator.

The new refrigerator, called the Samsung Family Hub 2.0, includes voice controls, AKG speakers and smart home integrations. An upgrade of the previous model, Samsung’s new smart fridge includes far more entertainment features and centralizes a smart homes devices.

The new model will move an intelligent home’s headquarters to its kitchen. From the fridge, users can dim their lights, watch their baby monitors and even change the heat. The device includes a meal planning function that can make recommendations based on dietary restrictions. A large tablet on the door of the fridge will help users access all of these functions. The new model completely changes the landscape for home refrigeration. Pictures made by children at school will be replaced by apps, grocery lists with audio reminders, and so on.

[via Mashable]

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