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Samsung Will Introduce Another Dumb Voice Assistant Named Bixby


Of all the the new Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors, this is the most unnecessary one. It is presumed users will find a button on the left side of the phone that activates Bixby, Samsung’s new voice assistant. Samsung is hoping that Bixby is not just a Siri competitor, but a voice that you will get to know.

The tech giant is introducing Bixby now almost as a trial run; the ultimate goal is to get the voice implemented on multiple types of platforms. Samsung wants the voice to go on every kind of product they have to offer; TV’s, remote controls, smartwatches and washing machines.

Bixby is not going to be a regular voice assistant; it will be a much more powerful one. It will be able to do more than call Lyft’s and Ubers; it will be able to help you function in a more efficient way.

Samsung has put a lot of time and effort into developing the voice that will learn your patterns and tone of voice. Everything Samsung is doing is to make Bixby the most efficient and effective virtual voice on the planet.

[via Mashable]

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