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Sansa’s Necklace is the Source for This New ‘Game of Thrones’ Theory

It doesn’t matter how small of a detail it is; a Game of Thrones fan will notice.

This time, it comes from a minor wardrobe article that fans noticed this past week. There wasn’t a huge amount going on at The Wall this week, but in Sansa’s screen time, watchers noticed something about the necklace she was wearing.

Seen above, the necklace on the right resembles the one she wore back in season four. Back then, she was in an alliance with Littlefinger, after she had escaped from King’s Landing. So does that mean she’ll be back together with Littlefinger again? The odds are, no. Mostly because of everything that happened between the two of them last season, with her marriage to Ramsay Bolton. If the two were to ever come together again, I’m pretty sure it would get real ugly real quick.

But then again, the change could be symbolic. The necklace to the left is dark and obstructed, whereas the one on the right is circular and shining. It could be symbolic of Sansa’s escape from her dark times, and now she’s shining as the (temporary) Queen of the North.

And there’s always the possibility that it means nothing, and we’re just overanalyzing. Fans of this show tend to do that.

Regardless, Game of Thrones air on Sundays at 9 P.M. on HBO. You can read our thoughts on last week’s episode right here.

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