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Saudi Arabia Preps Halal Steak for Trump, Meanwhile Trump Googles ‘Halal’


Yes, this is real news. None of that “fake news” stuff here.

Trump will fly over to Saudi Arabia for his first trip abroad and have a sit-down dinner. Oh, what’s on the menu you ask? Maybe a bit of fois gras with a side of caviar. Nope. Just good old steak with a side of ketchup, because nothing says forging strong international relations quite like a steak and ketchup. Alongside Trump’s requested dish will be a plethora of traditional and local dishes that will get cold because our dear president is a picky eater.

A noteworthy bit of information is that the steak will be prepared halal. It is commonplace in Islamic nations that food be prepared this way as per religious customs.

[via Twitter]

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