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A Savage is Suing his Date for Texting During a Movie


There’s bad first dates and then there’s this: a Texas man wants his money back after he went on a date with a woman who was texting during the movie. LMAO!

According to the Austin Statesman, 37 year-old Brandon Vezmar filed a petition in a small claims court  on Thursday for $17.31, the cost of the 3-D show of  “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2”.

I AM SCREAMING y’all, this is a new level of pettiness, fuckboys of the world: take note.

Vezmar simply wants his money back for both tickets, “on principle”, he told the Statesman.

And yes, they met online, because online dating is the gift that keeps on giving.

Although to be fair, texting at the movies is wack. Don’t do it, specially on a first date, or you might end up in jail.

It has sparked interesting conversations on Twitter, as is natural, because let’s be honest, this is a first date for the books, LOL.

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