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‘Scandal’ “The Miseducation of Susan Ross” Review


Tonight’s Scandal never reached the peak lit levels I expected. I envisioned the entire 45 minutes being the Republican Presidential debate. A tense shade-fest among Mellie, Hollis and Susan. Instead we received a sampling of the debate while the rest of the episode centered on Susan’s past.

Susan overcomes her broken heart, winning the debate. Her speech about her husband’s military death resounds with the public. But Olivia knows Susan’s fairy tale marriage was exactly that. The father of Susan’s child is doing a 10-year prison sting and Olivia is hell bent on exposing this truth. She’s itching ever closer to the dark side.

Speaking of which, Papa Pope steals an entire scene. Senator Edison Davis’ rehab story hits the news unannounced. He’s blindsided and blames it all on Eli’s daughter. In grand fashion Eli reads Edison his rights and them some, reminding him who wears the white hat. Highlight of the show. While Edison believed Olivia leaked the story, the true culprit was Cyrus. Envious of Alex Vargas’ being his brother’s unofficial campaign manager, Cyrus appoints Tom to upend Alex’s smear attempt on Edison. It works handing Cyrus total control.

Olivia seems to have lost control, so much Quinn seeks an Oval assist. She and Abby convince Fitz to pay her a visit. This odd rendezvous results in another shouting match with the worse human beings speaking of morals. She suddenly has a change of heart and wants to run a clean campaign.

After last week’s greatness, this week felt a little lost. Throwing Mellie on Marcus to read mean tweets on Kimmel proves they still aren’t sure what to do with Harrison 1.5. Hopefully it rebounds next week as Liv is previewed to commit her most scandalous feat yet.

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