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Science Says Hot Toddies Are Better For Your Cold Than Cough Syrup


Cold and flu season is upon us and with it comes the best news you’ll hear all day. YouTube channel Reactions, a site dedicated to chemistry and answering all of life’s most mystifying questions like “Why do dog’s sniff each other’s butts?” and “Why are avocados so awesome?”, has now answered the most important question of all: “Does cough medicine really work?”

The under-four-minute video breaks down every active ingredient in standard cough syrups, goes over their purpose and questions their effectiveness. The team behind the science-driven series also looks at 19 different studies to find that 15 of them either state the medicine resulted in no benefit or the results were conflicting. One review even concluded: “they are no better than a placebo.”

Instead, the study confirms that in order to get rid of your cough one should stick to the basic tactics like drinking lots of water. It helps dilute and loosen the mucus your lungs are trying to dislodge. But guess what?! The best method might be a good ol’ fashioned hot toddie, mixed with plenty of lemon and honey. While the honey soothes your sore throat, the steam will open up your sinuses, and the booze will help you sleep.

Don’t you just love science?

[via Delish]

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