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Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue Play “The Definitely Not Dating Game” on ‘Ellen’

Although Olympic figure skating duo Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue have long insisted to the very-incredulous public that they are not dating, absolutely not, no way – we still don’t really believe that it is the truth. And neither does Ellen Degeneres, apparently. When Moir and Virtue, the Olympians who have been each other’s skating partners for over twenty years, came on The Ellen Degeneres Show she did some interrogating. Gently, of course, as is Ellen’s way.

Ellen started off by simply asking the pair to admit that they were dating. Do it! Asking again and again as pictures of Moir and Virtue dancing erotically with each other on the ice played on a projector in the background. It was quite a hilarious juxtaposition: the two fervently denying any romantic relationship while we saw photo after photo of their on-ice chemistry. But the Canadians stood strong in the face of Ellen’s skepticism.

Next, Ellen had the two play “The Definitely Not Dating Game” where Moir and Virtue tried to guess various things about the other including “guilty pleasures,” “Boxers or Briefs?” and “If Tessa were to be played in a film, who would she want to play her?” The longtime friends did pretty well in fact, but they did miss a few, prompting Ellen to tease them at the end, saying, “It’s good y’all aren’t together.”

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