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Scottish Labour Party Slowly becoming Nonexistent, Says New Poll


The Scottish Labour Party’s position in Scotland is jeopardized, as they potentially might lose more than 30 seats in Westminster to their rivals, the Scottish National Party (SNP). A political survey conducted by Ipsos Mori is behind this statement. Once dominate in Scotland’s political realm, its safe to say the Scottish Labour Party is quickly falling out of favor using the survey’s findings as proof.

Authorized by Scottish Television, the poll tells us that the Labour Party is registering at a very weak 23 percent while the SNP has risen in approval to a convincing 52%.  If this leaning towards the SNP stands, then the Labour party will more than likely lose 4 seats to it’s current holding of 41 and at the same time give up 54 to the Scottish National Party.

Other parties in Scotland, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, would see a trivial change in light of this political overhaul. Labour party strategists are sweating it right now, because they will lose a ton of ground in the coming Scottish elections.

A complete opposite of a situation for the Scottish Labour Party to face, who in 2010 were polling at a strong 42 percent, double their numbers now. Their fall from grace, displays Scotland’s changed political landscape.

[via Independent]

Christian Westermann | News Cult

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