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Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman Ruptures Achilles, Out for Season

During Thursday nights Seattle Seahawks 22-16 win over the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle star cornerback Richard Sherman went down with a ruptured Achilles tendon which will end his 2017-18 campaign. He expects to undergo surgery.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said, “No coming back from that until you get surgery,” also stating that Sherman “couldn’t even walk” after he left the field. “He’s been a bastion of consistency, competitiveness and toughness,” said Carroll. “We’re going to miss the heck out of him.”

Sherman, who has yet to miss a start since he came to the NFL in 2011 out of Stanford University, indicated that his Achilles had been bothering him all season, though he tried to play through it. He said that it was,

One of those things that you have to play through for as long as you can. When it goes, it goes. I’ve put a lot of stress on it. Think it would have gone eventually.

He also took to Twitter to address his injury.

Sherman is one of the most vocal players in the NFL when it comes to issues the players have with league officials. Thursday night NFL games are widely criticized by players, as they feel that 3-4 days of rest between games is not enough. Sherman feels it is hypocritical for a league who says it cares so much about player safety to not give them ample time to recover between games. When Carroll was asked if the league should eliminate Thursday night games, he said, “I don’t want to pay anything so I’m not going to comment on anything.”

Sherman’s teammate wide receiver Doug Baldwin has echoed the cornerback’s statements, saying “Guys don’t have time to recover. Hard to recover in four days.” He also said that the lack of rest is what caused so many players to go down during the Seahawks-Cardinals matchup, which also included Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor and running back C.J. Prosise. “It’s Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibit Z. Thursday night football should be illegal.”

Seattle linebacker Bobby Wagner said,

There was guys dropping down on both side with serious, minor injuries. We play a very physical game, a very physical sport, and to ask us to turn around and be ready after Sunday to turn around and have our bodies OK on that Thursday, it’s really tough to do. I hope the league is watching. Hopefully they’ll look at it and see what happens and change this format.

Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett also criticized the idea of Thursday night games.

I know you want to give fans what they want but also you want to protect the players as best as you can, and sometimes I feel like Thursday night football doesn’t give them the opportunity to be protected like that.

All of these players do have a point. Football is such a physically taxing sport that players need as much time as possible to recover. The difference between playing on Sunday then Thursday with 4 days rest and playing on Sunday then Sunday with 7 days rest can be astronomical for players. It’s time for the NFL to take action.

Sherman is one of the best defensive players in the NFL and is incredible presence on the field will be missed heavily by the Seahawks and their fans. Seattle’s next game is a Monday night matchup against the Atlanta Falcons on November 20.

[via ESPN]

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