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Seattle Seahawks Delete Questionable Martin Luther King Jr. Tweet



It’s probably never a good idea to compare the struggle and hardship of the civil rights movement to a football game. Evidently, the Seattle Seahawks didn’t get that memo.

It’s totally understandable that the Seattle Seahawks were on cloud 9 after an improbable NFC championship game comeback win over the Green Bay Packers the day before, it was totally deserved. However, what they did afterwards raised a lot of eyebrows.

The teams official Twitter account acknowledged their win and Martin Luther King Jr. Day by tweeting out a photo of quarterback Russell Wilson crying after the win with an inspirational quote from King. They may not have been comparing football to the struggles of the civil rights leader, but unfortunately, that’s how the Internet took it.

To make it matters even worse, the Seattle Seahawks included “We shall overcome” caption. Not surprisingly, the tweet was deleted very soon after it was posted.

Luckily, we still have the screenshot (seen above).

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