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Secret Service Permanently Closes Off White House Sidewalk

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The sidewalk along the White House’s south fence has been permanently closed off to the public.

The closure went into effect Wednesday night at 11 p.m., barring anybody from accessing the sidewalk along the south fence line of the White House property. In a statement, the United States Secret Service noted that, while not inspired by any particular incident, the closure is “part of the ongoing comprehensive review of temporary and permanent security measures at the White House complex.

The Secret Service insists that the restrictions “will not obstruct or hinder the public’s ability to view or photograph the White House and its grounds,” but it’s more than the sidewalk that will be closed. The restriction applies to all of the sidewalks, roadways between the south fence and East Street from West Executive Avenue to East Executive Avenue.

These very same restrictions were put in place in 2015, but were only enforced nightly between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. This latest closure is only another step in the historically growing distance between the president and the public. The south lawn used to be publicly accessible before it was closed under FDR, but here have been a slew of other public restrictions since then, though they were usually prompted by specific incidents such as 9/11.

[via Twitter Moments]

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