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Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson to Announce Proposal that Would Triple Rent for some Low-Income Families

On Wednesday, Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD will announce a price hike for the poorest of households in America, and will also announce his encouragement of those receiving federal aid to maintain employment. This announcement will affect more than 4.5 million families that rely on federal housing assistance. The proposal would also require congressional approval.

Rent for low income families is capped at $50 a month. The current administration’s legislative announcement would require 35 percent of gross income or 35 percent of earnings working 15 hours a week at minimum wage. The cap for rent would rise to approximately $150 for the low income families in the US.

The White House’s 2019 budget proposal for the fiscal year indicated that it was going to “Encourage work and self-sufficiency” throughout it’s rental assistance program.


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