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See, Feel, and Examine the First 360 VR Film of Brain Surgery

The first 360 VR film depicting a patient’s brain surgery has been released. The Royal London Hospital’s neurosurgical team has successfully published the invasive procedure, which you can watch above.

The film personifies the experience: first, you are the patient preparing for surgery, and soon you become a part of the medical team. In the VR headset, you are able to pan around the room and examine the procedure’s details.

Co-founder of Fundamental VR, Chris Scattergood, discusses the use of VR:

For us, recording the entire procedure in VR enables us to start the process of recreating the surgery in a VR simulation, one where trainee surgeons can practice the key stages of the procedure in a safe virtual operating room, and actually feel in their hands the textures of all of the different tissue types using our FeelReal VR solution.

[via Mashable]

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