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Are Selena Gomez and Jax Jones Finally Going to Release “This Is Real?”

Selena Gomez might be dropping some new music soon, according to this tiny clue. Fans of Gomez have spotted mention of a new song collaboration with DJ Jax Jones, called “This Is Real,” earlier this year.

Although the details are still basically non-existent, this newest clue just revealed something is definitely in the works.

It is rumored that Jones is set to release the collab with Gomez on Oct. 16.

According to Twitter user @GomezSource shared a screenshot of Jones liking an Instagram comment that asked:

“The song you have with @selenagomez called ‘This Is Real’ being released 16 October 2017?”

Of course, this sparked some interest for the fans. The clue isn’t exactly a huge one but, fans also pointed out the snippet that Jones shared a while ago on an Instagram story.

In January, Jones was asked whether or not it was Gomez’s voice in the “This Is Real” clip. He told Capital FM “It is Selena Gomez. It’s a great record. One day I hope to release it.” So that seems like a huge clue, but will it be released anytime soon? January was a long time ago. We are impatient here.

[via Elitedaily]


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