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SEO vs. PPC: Knowing Which Is Better for Your Marketing

There are two primary options to boost your website traffic: Pay per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Pay per Click works by making you pay a fee to advertising programs like Yahoo Search, Google Adwords, and others. You can then display your Ads in sponsored sections of the search results page. You will be billed a fee for every click a visitor makes on your on the Ads. These clicks will directly lead to your website. The advantage is that your site will be ranked high always nut on the sponsored section of the search result page.

Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, uses your content, backlinks, and keyword to improve the ranking. SEO might be free but the time and energy spent developing the website have some monetary value. In SEO you have beat their competitors to get the best slot in ranking.

Between the two, which is better for your website? Must you pay per every click to appear on top? Or should you let your website grow gradually and get there naturally? Which option will improve your overall profit?

To help you make an informed choice, here are 5 points which you should consider. Use them to choose the best option for you and gauge your results with an online Serp tracker.

1 How much money have you allocated to advising?

The fundamental question you need to answer is how much money you have allocated to marketing. Remember online advertising is just one method of advertising; you may have other offline advising projects which are equally important because the fundamental purpose of advertising is to increase sales. If your budget is thin, then PPC may not be ideal for you, at least not for now. You may have to use the free optimization until you get enough funds so that you can jumpstart PPC. However, if your budget can allow you to use PPC, you will be able to know the direction your business is heading faster. This is because the return on sales will be more quickly due to increased traffic and sales.

2 Unpredictable SEO algorithms

Algorithms for search engine are never constant. You can invest your time and money on one-factor used to rank website then all of a sudden it is removed. This will make you lose your ranking considerably. I can take time before you recover and still the change of algorithms can affect you again. It is therefore very risky to rely on SEO only. When you pay for traffic in PPC, you will be assured nothing will interfere with your ranking.


3 How is competition in your niche?

The price of PPC is never constant. It is controlled by the power of supply and demand like any other product for sale. If your business is new or young it is important you first know how much a click worth in your area of expertise is. Some niches like insurance are so competitive for new business than sales.

4 Which option is better for the long term?

Businesses are made to last forever- if that is possible. To make an informed decision, you must ask yourself where you want your business to be some ten years to come. If you calculate all the money you will have spent on those clicks for ten years; the SEO will look a better option. When you do your work well and establish those backlinks, and the keyword is well set, the traffic will rush to your website without your input. If your competitors do not use PPC and you are already better than them on ranking, then it unnecessary to use PPC.

Some questions do not have definite answers. This is such a question. The best solution lies within you. If your business is new and you have resources, PPC looks attractive so that you quickly get clients. SEO method, on the other hand, produces organic traffic which is known to be better in the long run. Many successful businesses have adopted both. The strength of the other may mask the weaknesses of one method. That way traffic will never lack in your website.

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