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‘Sesame Street’ Parodied ‘Stranger Things’ and It’s the Greatest Thing You’ll See All Day

There’s nothing better than Sesame Street parody videos. And, considering Stranger Things is the best show currently on television (or Netflix, whatever), it should come as no surprise that this parody is amazing.

The parody dubbed”Sharing Things” sees the Cookiegorgon (the Cookie Monster) who says he’s eaten everything in the Snackside Down, and needs more food. Then Cookiegorgon hears kids saying, “Trick or treat,” which piques his interest and make him venture off into the human world. The best part? Before he leaves, Cookiegorgon says bye to Barb, who shouts “Don’t forget me.”


Then, things get even better when Cookiegorgon sees Will, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas.

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