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Seth Meyers’ “Newspaper Movie” Riffs on … Newspaper Movies, and It Is Genius

CREDIT: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

In the heat of this year’s Oscars race, Seth Meyers couldn’t resist having a little fun at the expense of hackneyed reporter movies and their often trite conventions and styles. So on last night’s Late Night, he presente his own “film,” titled: “Newspaper Movie.”

The flick features men in bland suits drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and talking about sources, “and a tense scene where two people sit on a park bench staring straight ahead trying not to seem suspicious while they exchange a manilla folder. Even though that’s literally the most suspicious way to do it.” And those are just a few of the gags.

But truly, the amount of clichés that Meyers and his team uncover is a work of art, and extremely hilarious. The tense scene at the end when the team waits in utter silence to see if the editor will decide to let them run the big controversial news story goes on for just the right amount of time (more than two minutes!), and will leave you dying of laughter.

This should be an actual movie though …

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