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Seth Meyers Pokes Fun At Trump As He Continues His Trip Around Asia

CREDIT: NBC via YouTube

Late Night host Seth Meyers poked fun at President Trump vis-a-vis his 12-day trip to Asia. On Monday night’s show, Meyers made fun of the president’s actions during interviews and also impersonated the ridiculous conversations he is most likely having.

Meyers first set his sights on targeting the president’s intelligence: “Sarcasm doesn’t work great on Trump because there’s a good chance he saw that sign and thought he was actually in Kenya.” This is in regards to Trump being greeted in Hawaii by protestors referencing the Obama birther conspiracy with signs saying “Welcome to Kenya.”

Meyers also went on to commend Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s effort of communicating with Trump through hats. He even decides to use the method himself by putting on a hat that says “Resign Donald” hoping that maybe the president will finally get the message.

Allies are looking for U.S leadership as North Korea continues to test missiles. But Trump might not be the best candidate for leadership since, according to the The Japan Times, he questioned “why a country of samurai warriors did not shoot down the missiles.” Well I don’t think samurais, who haven’t been around for some centuries, would be able to cut down an airborne missile. Although maybe in an anime they could…

Watch the clip below:

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