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Seth Meyers Talks Trump’s Tax “Evasion”


Thanks to the New York Times, the world now knows that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had lost nearly $1 billion in federal taxable income in 1995. Then, because of it, he legally hasn’t federal income taxes about two decades. As it turns out, Trump has been paying less taxes than the immigrants he so desperately wants to kick out of the country.

Now, people might hate what Donald Trump did, but he’s fully within the law to have done it. When you claim a loss of business on your tax return, you don’t have to pay taxes to a certain point. That point for Donald Trump has been two decades. If you ask me, he’s kind of brilliant for being able to do this, but hey, its Trump so people are still pissed.

Late Night‘s Seth Meyers took a different angle when discussing Trump’s tax news. Meyers wants to know where the anonymously sent tax document came from.

“Who would have a motive to destroy Donald Trump?”

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