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There is a Sexy “Fake News” Costume and I’ve Lost All Hope for Humanity

I think I’ve found Melania Trump’s Halloween costume, y’all.

Because our President has made the term part of his daily Twitter rants about how the mainstream media is “out to get him” (Despite FOX being a part of the mainstream media, but okay), and humanity’s ability to make a sexy Halloween costume out of anything and everything, Yandy, a lingerie website and the go-to for every pervy man’s fetish, has created a sexy Fake News Costume:


“Spread all the alternative facts in this exclusive Fake News costume,” states the description, “featuring a white tank dress with a scoop neckline, thick shoulder straps, an allover newspaper design, “FAKE” printed in red across the bust, and a scoop back.”

Because nothing screams “sexy” like the word “FAKE” across a girl’s chest.

If this is your thing, but you have pussy in your life that you need to grab, you can turn this into a couples costume with one of two sexy Donald Trump ensembles. Shitty toupee and MAGA hat are not included.

I can’t tell if the worst part about this is that it costs $55 or that the “sexy” fake glasses are sold separately?

[via Buzzfeed]

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